Electronic :: Programmer for Atmel Prozessor AT89C2051 and 4051
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Electronic :: Atmel AT89C2051/4051 Progranmmer

for Parallel Printer Port

developed by Herny Arndt, DL2TM, PCB layout by DG5DBZ, DG0OHU, PCB layout in smd by DL9SEC.


  • programs Atmel AT89C2051, AT89C1051 and AT89C4051
  • less Hardware (3 IC) at printer port
  • Software 1: modern Graphics User-Interface for DOS (DOS/Win98)
  • Software 2: supported by BASCOM 8051 Basic-Compiler (Win98)
  • Software 3: WinATProg for Win95,98,ME/NT/2000
  • Software 4: IC-Prog for WinXP,Vista.
Atmel Programmer

Atmel-Programmer for parallel printer port Some electronic parts make a tiny programmer. Look at the voltage regulators. 78S05 and 78S12 types are shown here and have been rotated by 180 degrees to the L types.

Programming Atmel Processor - why?

If you program your Atmel Controller by yourself, you are most flexible in the design of your application. That means: Homebrewed chips that fits all your needs.
This Atmel AT89C2051 Programmer made by DL2TM consists of some electronic parts only. Software is free.
Atmel AT89c2051, AT89c1051 and AT89c4051 are compatible with Intel 8051 Industry Standard. A lot of freeware is available (Assembler, C, Debugger and mountains of ready to use software applications on the internet).
This programmer is supported by Bascom 8051 Basic Compiler
Bascom 8051 is a full featured Basic-Compiler. It supports Timer, UART, LCD, I2C, SPI, 1Wire and much more. That means: Editing, Debugging, Simulation and Programming are well done all under one roof with Bascom 8051! Bascom 8051 Demo can be downloaded here: www.mscelec.com. The only difference between Full Version and Demo is the restriction to 1kByte binary code compiled. An absolute MUST HAVE for any Atmel freak! Try it!
This programmer is supported by IC-Prog!
IC-Prog supports this Programmer for NT/2000/XP. Download IC-Prog at www.IC-Prog.com. Select menu Settings/Hardware and choose "DL2TM-Programmer". In Settings/Options/Misc activate option "Enable NT/2000/XP Driver".
More Info about Atmel?
Do you want to know more about Atmel controllers? Try www.atmel.com. Atmel provides a lot of information, datasheets, programs and solutions.

Download Software and Bitmaps

To build this little AT89C4051/2051/1051 Programmer you need the files below:

Atmel-Programmer Soft (DOS) (107 KBytes)

Atmel-Programmer-Soft Update für 4051 (DOS) (180 KBytes)

Atmel-Programmer Soft for Win 9x (developed by Ingo Ehlers) (140 KBytes)

New: WinATProg.zip for Win95/98/ME by Henry, DL2TM. (237 kByte)

This is the new layout. Easy to build. Less amount of wires on the top side (shown in red). The voltage regulators at the bottom are 78L05 and 78L12 types shown. If you use 78S05 and 78S12 instead, rotate both by 180 degrees (see picture at top).

Better PCB layout by DG0OHU. JPEG files, 721 kBytes. Use this layout if you want to etch your own pcb.

Attention! New PCB layout in SMD by Thorsten, DL9SEC. click here to download (490 KByte) Content: all you need (Eagle 4.11-Files, Schematic, PCB layout, PDFs, two JPEGs...).

Want a BASIC Compiler that supports this programmer? It is a compiler, simulator und programming tool under one roof. Look at www.mcselec.com The Demo Version for 8051 Controllers compiles up to 2 kByte of code for free. For programming the micros in bascom choose "Programmer by DL2TM".


edited by Michael Woeste